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2024 is a lucky year to get married

There are a couple of charming reasons why 2024 is thought to be an especially fortunate year for getting married, according to the Chinese zodiac.

Firstly, the digits in 2024 (2+0+2+4) add up to 8, a number associated with infinite love between husband and wife. Additionally, being a leap year, 2024 is considered auspicious for couples taking the plunge into marriage.

Secondly, 2024 is a leap year, which is considered prosperous for couples exchanging their wedding vows.

2024 is also the year of the Wood Dragon. According to Chinese astrology, 2024 is anticipated to bring favorable marriage prospects for many zodiac signs. The dynamic and fiery nature of the Dragon is balanced by the presence of the Wood element, introducing a calmer and more gentle energy.

Considering everything, we genuinely believe that choosing 2.4.24 as your wedding date would be truly special. Why, you ask? Well, it simplifies everything to just one memorable number: 24.

We are delighted to introduce our inaugural Micro Weddings, presented in a 'Pop Up Wedding' style. Pop up weddings are one date, one venue, one price, a variety of options including us organising other suppliers for you, and extra time with your photographer if wanting location shots.

Our team will elegantly dress the chapel, or set up a gorgeous area in the garden if the weather is great, enlist the skills of our exceptional local photographers to perfectly capture the unique moments of your ceremony, and include a bridal bouquet and matching buttonhole to enhance the occasion.

For catering options, we thought it best you choose the venue to dine at after your ceremony, with so many fabulous local eateries we know you will find the one that suits your taste.

The Micro Weddings are priced at $1495.

We take care of all the details for you so you can simply show up, get married, smile because its the happiest day of your life, and have the most magical stress free wedding day ever!!

Inclusions for 2.4.24 are:

  • Full use of onsite 'Chapel' or Gardens as ceremony Venue

  • Minimum of one face to face meeting prior to marrying

  • Lodgement of Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM), at least one month prior to wedding day.

  • Civil Marriage Celebrant, Patricia Jamieson to conduct the ceremony covering:

    • Short and sweet unique story on your journey of love.

    • Personal Vows

    • Ring exchange

  • 60 minutes of professional photography onsite

  • Bouquet and buttonhole flowers

  • Option to get dressed at venue, allowing for reveal

  • 8 chairs for guests

  • Choice of chair coverings and colored sashes, if desired

  • Music of your choice played through PA or portable speakers

  • Signing table and chairs

  • Submission of all legally required paperwork to BDM

  • Application, on your behalf, and payment for, your official Marriage Certificate

  • Maximum number of guests are capped at 10

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